The mission of the Refugee Development Center is to cultivate a welcoming, thriving community that collaborates with refugees and newcomers through education, engagement, and support. This is an unpaid internship, though you will gain experience in professional development and employable skills. We are able to partner with academic institutions offering credit for internships. If applicable, please include any academic requirements in your application. A cover letter is required for consideration. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Our internship opportunities are listed below.

Youth Internship: fall-23-youth-programs-internship.pdf

Early Childhood Development Internship: fall-23-early-childhood-development-internship.pdf

ESOL Program Intership: fall-23-summer-esol-program-internship.pdf

Digital Literacy Internship: fall-23-digital-literacy-internship.pdf

Intake Internship: fall-23-intake-program-internship.pdf

Health and Housing Navigation Internship: fall-23-health-and-housing-navigation-program-internship.pdf