RDC offers a variety of programs for all students.

We are educators first, and we know that learning in a new environment is complex and multi-layered. We believe in education as a catalyst for community engagement and action. We are committed to working in collaboration with newcomers and community partners, knowing that we are stronger together.  We seek to engage new and longtime residents as neighbors to foster an open and inclusive community where all people’s gifts are valued. We firmly believe in the equal value of all humans and the importance of respecting and honoring each individual. We are committed to responsive services and continuous learning. We are open to new ideas, discovering new and better ways to assist with emerging and unmet needs of our refugee and immigrant neighbors.That is why we seek to serve the whole family with wrap around services grounded in three pillars of programming:


Our agency was founded on the firm belief that education is at the core of one’s ability to succeed. We design our programs around the distinctive needs of the families we serve to ensure programs and services are responsive to emerging needs.


We seek to prepare refugees to successfully engage in their new community while also maintaining and honoring their own cultural identity, values, and traditions. Our programs are designed in collaboration with our refugee neighbors with the goal of full participation and engagement as an active citizen.


Many complex barriers can interfere with successful transition to new life in a new community for refugee families. Whether it's employment, health, family crisis, basic needs or another life-challenge, our team is equipped to help refugees navigate challenges with individualized support and vital referrals to a multitude of local community partners.